Accidental Poisoning

Published on  Jun 18, 2020. Posted in Accident and Injury

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the daily number of calls to poison centers increased sharply at the beginning of March for exposures to cleaners and disinfectants (well before the President’s televised comments on April 23, 2020).  A large percentage of the calls included exposures among children. Data from the IPC shows increases of exposure in children, adolescents, and adults when compared with 2019 data.

It is incumbent on consumers to be careful with the purchase, storage, and use of all products brought into the home. This includes products used in the yard, those used for motor vehicles as well as common household cleaners. One type of product which has gained a lot of recent attention is the dishwasher and/or laundry detergent “pods”, which often look like a toy or may even appear edible to children.  Even prescriptions and over the counter medications can also be abused or mistakenly consumed. Please be attentive – especially with children or pets in the home.  Best to be mindful now and always.